Each occasion is different and requires a unique touch to make your event special.  We will make sure that your appetites are satisfied so mix and match or let us provide you with additional suggestions and ideas.

Customize your catering order and experience a taste of Aria for your next event!   

(Minimum of 15 people)

Dolma (Stuffed grape leaves with rice and sliced onions)        

Mantoo (Steamed mixed vegetable dumplings topped with yogurt-mint sauce)       

Ashak (Dumplings filled with leek and spices)

Cocktail Sambosa (Fried dumplings filled with potatoes and vegetables served with Yogurt Sauce or chutney)

Cucumber Salad (Chopped Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, mixed in a Vinaigrette dressing)

Greek Salad (A mix of fresh Veggies, Feta, Olives, and dressing)

Three Bean Salad (Beans with herbs mixed in a seasoned vinaigrette dressing)

Tabouli Salad (Chopped Parsley, Bulgar with diced Tomatoes, and Scallions in a tangy dressing)

Grilled Corn Salad (Cut right from the cob with a blend of chopped veggies and herbs)

Sabzee (Sautéed Spinach cooked in garlic, Onion & special spices)

Boranee Banjaun (Baby eggplant sliced and sautéed with tomatoes and fresh herbs over a layer of yogurt-mint sauce)

Gobi (Slow-simmered cauliflower cooked in turmeric & tomato sauce)

Chalau (Long grain white rice cooked with cumin)

Kabuli (Rice that is topped with cooked carrot strips & raisins)

Koubideh (Ground sirloin Beef with our special seasonings)

Chicken Kabob (Juicy marinated Chicken charbroiled over an open fire)

Chicken Koubideh (Fresh ground Chicken seasoned and charbroiled to perfection)

Lamb Kabob (Lamb that is cubed, marinated, and then charbroiled)

Chicken Qorma (Saucy stew of Chicken cooked in a tomato base and fresh herbs)

Gosht Qorma (Stew of tender pieces of Beef cooked in a rich tomato sauce and a blend of seasonings)

Chicken Curry Qorma (Cooked in a rich tomato base with chick peas)

Gooshe Fiel (Feather light dough fried and dusted with fine sugar and pistachio)

Sheer-Birinj (Afghan-style rice pudding)

Jelabi (Special afghan funnel cake)

Pumpkin bread pudding (Homemade baked pumpkin with bread and honey)

Please stop by or give us a call to discuss further.